アクティブ・レンジャー日記 [九州地区]





2019年02月07日Aso Noyaki in season! ~Aso-Kuju National Park~

阿蘇くじゅう国立公園 ウッド 亜也子

Aso Noyaki is a controlled burning of Aso grasslands. This has been carried out for thousands of years. It is different from Slash-and-Burn Agriculture and unique in that Noyaki is undertaken in the wetland to stop trees and shrubs growing. The Aso grasslands have been where grass has been harvested and used for feeding animals and making manure to nurture poor volcanic land.

However Aso is facing crisis to conserve Aso grasslands due to reduction of farmers and changes of agricultural methods. Nowadays, Aso Nayaki continues with support from volunteers. This is because recent research supports importance of Aso grassland. Aso grassland functions not only as farming field but also as reservoir for Kyushu Island and source of main rivers.

Now, here is a quiz!

What are these sticks made from bamboos and creepers?

(Hint: They are used in Aso Noyaki)

1.Rake 2.Fire extinguisher 3.Fire lighter

(Answer will be at the end of this article)

The below picture is part of kids education programs on Aso grassland. By creating opportunities for children to learn and involved with grassland conservation, we are hoping to pass on not only Aso grassland but tradition meathods to keep it.